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– 2006 –

5 years ago, I stumbled across one of the most amazing digital artists of his time – Andrew Jones who is also known as Android Jones ( and that’s a fantastic nickname!) His artwork amazed me for the obvious reasons initially. That  it looked cool! The way he drew faces (especially female faces which are a favorite of mine) and combined them with cool-looking techie elements blew my mind. I could never imagine something like that. And with a few close friends I shared this obsession with ‘cool-looking’ art. Much later I got hold of an ImagineFX magazine poster which had his and Stanley Lau’s artwork on it. The best issue of Imagine FX ever!

Goddess of Dust
Goddess of Dust

Truth be told, I got it for the latter’s work. My interest had shifted from Andrew’s style of images to those of Stanley Lau‘s. Another kind of cool. This poster has travelled with me through three cities and it has always been the pride of my wall, just above my workspace. My constant source of inspiration. And lately, it has been the artwork above I cannot stop looking at. 4 year later and I am finding new things in it. My sensitivity towards design details have grown over the years and while I am no expert, I do know and perceive more than I ever have.

– 26th Feb 2013 –

It was an honor to meet him. It is not often that you have your heroes speak just five feet from you!

Android at the 'Design Calling' workshop at NGMA, Mumbai
Android at the ‘Design Calling’ workshop at NGMA, Mumbai

He did talk about the art that he made for arts sake and lately I have only heard that term being thrown around by people who have too much time or money and just do anything and the sell it as art or in fact higher art that mere mortals can’t understand. My desperation and disappointment went through many phases and arguments: “Why do we do this?!” “Is there any point to this if I am going to end up in the same place many long and hard years later!?”, I won’t get anywhere because of this system I keep hearing so much about but never really understood what it was. Do you know about it?

And in that bleak, angry existence I listened to what Andrew Jones has to say. And it helped. So much! The reasons he made art, what it meant to him to keep working and dedicate his life to it. Lately, I have grown so lazy and distracted with work and wondering whether this was all worth it that I forgot what it was like to just draw. To create. He spoke very plainly and honestly about how he goes about it. About its hardships and disappointments. And it takes a very special person to make you feel that despite it all it’s going to be ok. Despite all the crap that gets thrown at you by those around you, your situation at the time and insecurity you have about your own work, there is a reason we go back to it. It is our work. We labour hard for it, we love it and it loves us back.

I feel an all-together different kind of cool about his work, at this moment while I am typing and this second when I remembering his words and the experience of him creating and letting us be a part of it.

A reaffirmation. To quote Android Jones that “…it wasn’t just a gift or talent… such words that lazy people use to get out of doing any work and make them feel better about it. It is skill, time, hard work and determination that will get you what you want and  bring out the best in your artwork…”

I would like to end this with…’Thank you Andrew Jones‘. These are small words that might not convey the depth of my gratitude, but I am so happy to have met you. I am incredibly grateful for your art, your time and your advice.

Got it signed!!
Got it signed!!

These will not be forgotten anytime soon.


Part 2- The Van Baarle method

In this next (and very late) part of my post I would like to present the works of the wonderful Lois Van Baarle, an artist whose name is as interesting as the art she creates. I was introduced to her illustrations when I joined DeviantArt and I’ve been hooked since painting one. I think it was the one below that first brought her to my attention.

It is her completely unique style that sets her apart from the million artists out there. You can honestly look at any art piece she’s made and know immediately that it’s simply…Loish. Continue reading “Part 2- The Van Baarle method”

Happy Easter

It’s one of my favourite holidays of the year. It’s Easter! And in my family we do all those traditional things that I look forward to and have been doing year after year. The morning starts with Mass after which comes the milling around the church compound greeting everyone with Easter day goodness. We all head home where we crank out the elaborate breakfast and the house is full of relatives and loved ones talking and eating. I love this day also because of it’s special preparations – The Eggs! I cannot imagine anyone who hasn’t had a fun time making little easter eggs. When I was a kid, my mom, my sister and me would read through our Childcraft books and spend the day boiling, painting and cutting up paper ears and whiskers to convert eggs into silly bunny faces. Then there’s the chocolate. People coming over to our house would, to my immense pleasure, bring chocolate eggs and I used to sit and count how many and how big each one was.

Easter is a lot of fun. It’s a Sunday which is always a good day to get together and celebrate. So, on behalf of Design/6 I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Easter. Paint an egg, eat some chocolate and draw bunny faces on your friends (that one I just made up, ’tis not an Easter tradition :P) And hope you all have a wonderful day!


Jemma Jose

Another Day in Paradise

That music inspires art is no news. And this post is an expression of the same. We generally tend to associate a place, a memory, a smell, a visual or a person to the music we listen to. So every now and then when we stumble across our favorite songs, we think about the association with it. Music is like a portal. It completely transports us to a different time.

Phil Collin’s gem ‘Another Day in Paradise’ is one of my all-time favorite songs. I can never get bored of it. The image you see above is a visual that I picture in my head whenever I listen to the song. Finally, I thought of giving the visual a life. I plan to print the above and put it up on my wall as an ode to ‘Another Day in Paradise’.

(On a another note, when I was like 4-5 years old I use to imagine days as caps/hats, like for example Monday was a white cap with irregular black blotches on it. Maybe my next post can be about the 7 Caps.)

Linocut goodness

There is something about doing art the traditional way. A certain romance about it that feels much more satisfying than sitting with a mouse/tablet and staring at a screen. So when I got a chance to try my hand at linocut illustrations as a part of a workshop at RGB 2011, NID’s annual cultural-cum-design festival, I jumped at the opportunity.The workshop was being taken by an ex-NIDian, an animation faculty, Priyankar Gupta (

It really is quite simple, though it makes you sweat for the results. Many of us first-timers also ended up with minor cuts on our fingers as a result. After getting to see our first prints though, it all seemed worth it. Linocut actually, is an old printmaking technique, used in the days when multiple images had to be produced and no offset printers were available at every nook and corner. Continue reading “Linocut goodness”

Part 1 – Lions and Heroes

Art is all about inspiration.

When I sit down and think about who are the great artists I look up to and whose art I can stare at for hours, two names always spring to mind – new age artists Stanley Lau and Lois Van Baarle or as they are popularly known on DeviantArt –  Artgerm and Loish.

Evening Glow by Loish

Continue reading “Part 1 – Lions and Heroes”

Retro Vexel Love

I go through tons of artwork everyday on, otherwise I feel very empty inside. And lately, among all that goodness, I’ve been feeling a lot of love towards three things :

1. Art made on Illustrator, which is rather a feat considering I never tried, or in fact wanted, to use this software before. Honestly, just a few months ago you couldn’t even pay me to go near it. Fast forward to now and I am hooked on it 🙂 The simplicity with which I have been able to create art has completely won me over and I haven’t looked back. Oh and it’s all vector, HA HA! Continue reading “Retro Vexel Love”