The best T.V enjoyed by all

This is a post to reminisce.

The by-gone days of awesome television shows. The simple ones almost every, single person I know has seen. They were such an important part of my childhood as it was a love shared by my whole family. TV time was important and it’s these memories that make ‘Old T.V’ something I dearly miss. I’m not here to bash up the new shows. I just want to remember the old ones which, when you are sitting in a group, always becomes a topic for conversation that can go on for hours. I love that the family I made in college shared the same love for old tv. To me, it seemed that old tv had found a way to make sure I never forgot how awesome it was.

When I was a kid watching these shows was a ritual. I would scramble into the living room and my parents would promptly change channels so we could watch (not according to order) shows like The Crystal Maze, Small Wonder, Batman and Hum Paanch( both family favourites), I Dream of Jeanie, Black Beauty and so many others . And I’m not even counting off the cartoon shows- the days of Hanna-Barbera excellence. For me that would require a completely new post. I even remember this obscure T.V show which, because I was so small, scared the living daylights out of me. It was called Manimal. Does anyone remember that? It followed the exploits of Dr. Jonathan Chase who could transform into any animal at will and this would aide him in solving crimes. So you can imagine that this required some heavy-duty special effects. True, they were totally crappy, even for its time and now I can remember only bits and pieces of the show but, the one thing that stuck with me through all these years is the memory of it being really scary, ha! ha!

God! Just the thought of these shows always brings a smile to my face. It makes me wish for a box DVD set to be created which has all this awesome entertainment in one place for me to enjoy over and over again. These shows are always entertaining. I recently acquired the black and white version of the show ‘The Addams Family’ and while watching it I realized I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even today.

As mentioned before, there are so many TV shows out there which all of us have cherished in our hearts and we at Design/6 would not be able to do justice to them ourselves simply in a post. So, care to reminisce? Tell us, ‘What were your favorite shows as a kid?’


Visual Works of Art

Videos can really floor you and there are so many examples of stunning pieces of motion and music out there on the web. Visual works of art that can put a smile on your face or simply make your jaw drop to the floor. The ones we have all drooled over and linked to each other many times. I have just three here to share with you and they are each awesome in their own way.

Woodkid – Iron
This one  has been on my Vimeo page for ages. I keep passing it by on my way to ‘Staff Picks’. So, yesterday I decided, let’s stop and give it a watch. And now I really think you should too.

I think this video is stunning in the way it is done. The pace of it is spot-on! Though the theme creates an atmosphere that is a bit dark, it has been done so wonderfully it kept me hooked till the end. It also introduced me to a new artist I now have a crush on. <REPEAT MODE ON>

Coldplay – Strawberry Swing
And when has Coldplay ever disappointed? Many videos like this have been made before. but, it’s Coldpaly and it’s sweet. Also, when geeks like me look at it we know what went into the making of it and there-in lies my fascination for this video.

BSS – Breakfast Interrupted
I am getting very excited about introducing this last video. My gosh! It’s really not what you think it is! Sure the title says ‘breakfast something…’ I was back from a heavy lunch and with this video on my screen thought, “Meh! Another food video.” I can honestly tell you I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

All hail Bruton Stroube Studios! The brilliant people behind the awesome-ness that is Breakfast Interrupted. A visit to their website is mandatory. Their videos are all wonderfully thought out which makes these guys role-model material. Don’t forget to check out their brilliant studio building!