Part 2- The Van Baarle method

In this next (and very late) part of my post I would like to present the works of the wonderful Lois Van Baarle, an artist whose name is as interesting as the art she creates. I was introduced to her illustrations when I joined DeviantArt and I’ve been hooked since painting one. I think it was the one below that first brought her to my attention.

It is her completely unique style that sets her apart from the million artists out there. You can honestly look at any art piece she’s made and know immediately that it’s simply…Loish. Continue reading “Part 2- The Van Baarle method”


Forgotten Art

Good morning ye good folk!

Once in college, we had a short module on a topic I never really paid attention to before. Our visiting faculty taught us an art form that was, in our case as students, often overlooked. The art of the animation background. (echoes…ooooh! aaaaah!)

I never realized its importance as I focused more on my main characters than anything else and it was only recently (well, in our last semester of college) that we realized that both require equal amounts of study and dedication.

above: backgrounds for my short animation “The Frog and the Nightingale”

And to push my point forward, I give you Rob Richards – a dedicated chap who, through his blog, has brought to our screens amazing and cleverly re-assembeled backgrounds from cartoons we know and love. Continue reading “Forgotten Art”