Visual Works of Art

Videos can really floor you and there are so many examples of stunning pieces of motion and music out there on the web. Visual works of art that can put a smile on your face or simply make your jaw drop to the floor. The ones we have all drooled over and linked to each other many times. I have just three here to share with you and they are each awesome in their own way.

Woodkid – Iron
This one  has been on my Vimeo page for ages. I keep passing it by on my way to ‘Staff Picks’. So, yesterday I decided, let’s stop and give it a watch. And now I really think you should too.

I think this video is stunning in the way it is done. The pace of it is spot-on! Though the theme creates an atmosphere that is a bit dark, it has been done so wonderfully it kept me hooked till the end. It also introduced me to a new artist I now have a crush on. <REPEAT MODE ON>

Coldplay – Strawberry Swing
And when has Coldplay ever disappointed? Many videos like this have been made before. but, it’s Coldpaly and it’s sweet. Also, when geeks like me look at it we know what went into the making of it and there-in lies my fascination for this video.

BSS – Breakfast Interrupted
I am getting very excited about introducing this last video. My gosh! It’s really not what you think it is! Sure the title says ‘breakfast something…’ I was back from a heavy lunch and with this video on my screen thought, “Meh! Another food video.” I can honestly tell you I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

All hail Bruton Stroube Studios! The brilliant people behind the awesome-ness that is Breakfast Interrupted. A visit to their website is mandatory. Their videos are all wonderfully thought out which makes these guys role-model material. Don’t forget to check out their brilliant studio building!


2 thoughts on “Visual Works of Art

    1. It’s such a nicely done video. The making of it is also available on Vimeo and it’s worth a look-see!
      Ha ha! The Lipton video was so much fun 😀

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