Designs in stone

I have often wondered what I would have chosen to study after school, had I not picked design. My answer is one that is common to most people who end up in design schools, one that is often called the greatest or oldest of all art forms. Architecture.

So much is common between being a designer and an architect. Being passionate about form, structure , balance and proportions; or integrating spaces, contexts and people to create and build the perfect experience. Utility, Durability and Beauty; the three principles of good architecture that have been outlined by Roman architect Vitruvius in the 1st century CE, are ones that can be as relevant for good designs as well.

It is no wonder then, that names of modern architects like Buckminster Fuller, Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn and Frank O.Gehry become part of a designer’s vocabulary. Their work , and the process they followed  have been a constant source of inspiration to most of us.

Ahmedabad is lucky to have been adorned by the creations of one such architect, Le Corbusier. The Ahmedabad Textile Mills Association ( or ATMA)  is one such building he designed in the city, one that is a pleasure to be in, just for the sake of experiencing space in a refreshing manner. Following are images of the same..

The entry/ exit
The hanging stairs
Inside facade

2 thoughts on “Designs in stone

  1. Your post has sparked a whole wave of wixploration of all things architecture related 🙂 The photos of ATMA are really interesting.

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