Part 2- The Van Baarle method

In this next (and very late) part of my post I would like to present the works of the wonderful Lois Van Baarle, an artist whose name is as interesting as the art she creates. I was introduced to her illustrations when I joined DeviantArt and I’ve been hooked since painting one. I think it was the one below that first brought her to my attention.

It is her completely unique style that sets her apart from the million artists out there. You can honestly look at any art piece she’s made and know immediately that it’s simply…Loish. Her colours always remind me of some dreamy, underwater wonderland. She has mastered the human form is a completely stylized way and knows her way around ribbons and other elements that can make an illustration great. Her pieces always cue a sense of motion, energetic yet graceful.

In addition to being an artist, she is also a talented animator. Her final year project, made at the Utrecht School of the Arts, called ‘Trichrome Blue‘ was a real treat for the eyes and well thought-out. I recommend you readers to watch it.

For some fun, Loish-style history, I leave you with this meme she made 🙂

If you’d like to see more of her work, do visit her gallery pages at dA and Vimeo.



2 thoughts on “Part 2- The Van Baarle method

  1. I love the second painting. It’s surreal in a very happy way. And i agree, she does have a distinct style, but she still manages to make her art look different.

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