Without advertising, something terrible happens… nothing

While watching the ICC World Cup 2011, I also saw a lot of commercials. A lot of really crappy commercials. Commercials that made no sense. Commercials that made me want to hide from everybody who knew I was in advertising.

Actually, whenever I tell somebody I’m in advertising I get a dirty look, a look that says: Oh! So you’re the one I want to claw to death every time I try to watch some TV. And it’s scary. And also slightly hurtful. I mean hey, it’s not just our fault. The clients want us to make crap. In fact a lot of times a lot of those really horrid ads that you see, have come from a very rich client’s mind. And the only reason we give in, is because we just want our pets to lead a healthy well-nourished life. Isn’t that why the whole world has jobs. Continue reading “Without advertising, something terrible happens… nothing”


Part 1 – Lions and Heroes

Art is all about inspiration.

When I sit down and think about who are the great artists I look up to and whose art I can stare at for hours, two names always spring to mind – new age artists Stanley Lau and Lois Van Baarle or as they are popularly known on DeviantArt –  Artgerm and Loish.

Evening Glow by Loish

Continue reading “Part 1 – Lions and Heroes”

The nine _____ of cats

A long time ago Design Observer did a post on Cats and their designers, where they asked designers from around the world to submit pictures of themselves with their cats.

My love for cats is no secret. At least for the people who know me. I love all sorts of animals, but cats are above the rest. There is something about their sparkling eyes, the fact that they make you run after them and not the other way around. And also, nobody loves the camera as much as cats do. I think that is one of the reasons most designers are obsessed with them. Continue reading “The nine _____ of cats”

Something Real

I came across probably one of the most challenging forms of conceptual photography recently which left me wondering about a lot of things, not just about life (the concept) but the actual process of this concept. How did the photographer go about clicking this? Here are few images from the project by Romain Laurent (All copyrights remain with the owner) The whole project can be checked here.

Also do check the other projects by the same photographer – Romain Laurent

From the dusty old suitcase

My uncle and dad (on the right)

I have always been fascinated by old pictures. There is something timeless about them. Pictures clicked today no matter how sophisticated the camera is just cannot match the sheer magnificence of these pictures. I was going through some old photo albums and I stumbled across these gems. I thought I should share it with the world. I wish the world still looked this cool. Continue reading “From the dusty old suitcase”

Food for thought

After working on packaging graphics one after the other, it was a pleasant change to design a booklet.

Good news: I had to design a recipe booklet!

But here’s the flip side: Blah! I had to look at tempting food shots which I couldn’t eat! I so wanted to kill someone… 😛

But I must admit that the project was really interesting. The idea was to provide guidance to make clear communication choices, both verbally and visually. Food shots offer various possibilities for creating visual excitement. Continue reading “Food for thought”

Retro Vexel Love

I go through tons of artwork everyday on DeviantArt.com, otherwise I feel very empty inside. And lately, among all that goodness, I’ve been feeling a lot of love towards three things :

1. Art made on Illustrator, which is rather a feat considering I never tried, or in fact wanted, to use this software before. Honestly, just a few months ago you couldn’t even pay me to go near it. Fast forward to now and I am hooked on it 🙂 The simplicity with which I have been able to create art has completely won me over and I haven’t looked back. Oh and it’s all vector, HA HA! Continue reading “Retro Vexel Love”